Sailing Entrepreneurs is a new project by the Athens based entrepreneur Stathis Kassios in collaboration with the company Sail in Greek Waters.

Our aim is to attract entrepreneurs from all around the world to sail in Greece for a good cause!

  • As an entrepreneur, you and your partners, family or friends, will be able to turn your dream vacations into reality.

  • Choose one of our carefully designed sailing routes for you in the famous Cyclades Islands (Mykonos, Naxos, etc.).

  • Enroll yourselves to sailing lessons to learn vital techniques and skills.

  • Share your entrepreneurial spirit and sailing experience with Greek entrepreneurs to help them succeed with their start-ups amidst the crisis.

Sailing Entrepreneurs is not just a common sailing trip. It will give birth to a knowledge sharing community as you will become inspiration leaders for troubled Greek entrepreneurs.

After booking your trip we will be promoting you and your company through a standardized Q&A section to various sites, blogs, and social media in Greece (see Links).

Our ultimate mission is to offer you the best holidays possible and promote your entrepreneurial mindset among Greek entrepreneurs by spotlighting on your sailing experience and your company’s story so far.

To become a Sailing Entrepreneur please email Stathis Kassios: skassios@sailingreekwaters.gr

Let’s sail!

Website: http://sailingreekwaters.gr/en/sailing-with-us/sailing-for-companies/corporate-sailing-project

Hash-tag #sailingentrepreneurs

P.S. If you have sailing experience and an official offshore sailing certificate please let us know.

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